Story of Bent Pictures

Accidential Discovery

I first noticed the bending effect when taking snap shots of my 2 year old son jumping on a trampoline on a sunny day. There was something not quite right on the proportions of the fast moving subject. It was like motion blur, but without the blur. I was puzzled. Next I tried deliberately rotate and wiggle the iPhone I was using. Results were amazing! The next hour I spent taking pictures of this and that and waving my phone in every possible way I could imagine. My movements probably looked very stupid. But it was fun!

Fault or Feature?

Of course I thought I had found something totally new. I searched the Internet and found that the phenomenon is called the rolling shutter effect and also found some cool examples like this. The effect is actually considered a flaw of all CMOS cameras. I also found totally awesome camera tossing pictures. Some of those have the effect. But my pictures are  not camera tossing by definition. I don’t want to sling my ridiculously expensive iPhone. What I want to do is to turn the flaw to a virtue. I try  to use my rolling shutter to bend the World. Just for fun. And you can do it too!

Change of Perspective

Taking bent pictures is very addictive. You also start to look at the World differently. There is so much to bend! Cars, houses, trees, people, signs, lights, clocks, especially clocks… The results always surprise you. Bending brings you back the fun of the unexpected of otherwise quite boringly foreseeable digital photography.

My name is Juha. I’m male and live in Rovaniemi, Finland. I work here.


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