How to Bend?

You need

  • CMOS-camera (I use Iphone 3G to keep it simple. All CMOS cameras share the feature, if they don’t have a real shutter)
  • Sunny day (to avoid normal motion blur).

The process

  1. Wiggle or rotate the camera during the exposure OR
  2. Take pictures of fast moving subject. Take a lot of pictures
  3. That’s it! (You may want to color correct or rotate the picture afterwards).
  4. Got bent? Join the iPhone Bent Pictures Flickr Group.

My tools

  • iPhone 3G 16 Gt
  • MacBook Pro 15″
  • iPhoto 09 for rotating and color correction
  • Flickr account for sharing
  • WordPress and Blogger accounts

2 thoughts on “How to Bend?

  1. Hello Juha my name is Tiago, i’m from Brasil. Sorry my english is very bad. Another day i taked photos with my Iphone 3. My history is same yours. I never see another iphone photos with this efects, never. Today i saw internet about this thing because i taked 3623 photos in 5 days. My project iphone photos is about São Paulo, big city of Brasil, only architecture whit distorcion and textures, a lot of thousands kkk. Congratulations for your job, very nice! I liked whit water. I used windows for reflexions, colors in background, a lot of objects too. My friends says: he is crazy! But the results of this shots i loved. I have a Canon 60D, Sony HVR Z7, Go Pro HD, for professional videos. But in this moment my project is: more and more compilations of psicodelics reality distorcion. Your job open more my mind now. Gracias. Abraços from Brasil.

  2. Thank you for your comment Tiago,

    If you show your pictures somewhere in the Internet, please let me know. (I have not taken so many new pictures, because my iPhone 4 camera is “better” and does not give you these nice bent surprises.)

    Have fun bending!

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